New School Permaculture

Sustainable Design for your Land and Community

About NSP

The New School Permaculture is a non formal school with the vision to create harmonious social and ecological learning environments. Our Mission is to focus our energy on researching and developing sustainable educational methods to inspire active elements of change in this world.


With landscape care and social harmony courses the New School Permaculture will explore with its students how can we create more inner power to face the global chalenges, what are our limiting patterns and how to create a transformation when we are losing our personal energy, into a more inspired and positive way of living. The intention with our courses is to empower our students so that they become more connected with their dreams and passions and more aware about how to create beneficial connections that will contribute to our local and global dreams.

To achieve our goals we use a very diverse set of pedagogic methods based on learner centered non formal education, free style learning and teaching, horizontal leadership and play therapy, as a way to activate both the right and left side of the brain of all participants, extending the edges of the learning ecosystem in a very transformative and relaxed celebration were everyone has a lot of fun, in moments we will never forget.

By the end of every experience we hope to find together models that we can use for our inner transitions, the way we make decisions, how to manage people with different opinions, integrating our needs and the needs of others and designing for sustainable social energy systems in our communities.


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